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To audition for Junior, Senior Varsity or Holiday or Disney Squad , please upload one video containing the following:

  1. Introduction

    • Tell us your name, age , Squad (or camp) you are auditioning for and your voice part: Soprano, Mezzo, Alto, Tenor, Bass or Beatboxer ( if known)

  2. Solo Song

    • Singers - Sing 1-2mins of a contemporary song that showcases your solo voice.  This must be sung a cappella (no music or backing track ) We are listening for tone, phrasing, intonation, breath control, personality, and energy.   No musical theater or classical repertoire please. 

    • Beatboxers - Beatbox a simple groove unaccompanied for 1 full minute. We are looking to hear your articulation of sounds and ability to keep time comfortably. 

  3. Harmony Singer/Beatboxing (MOST IMPORTANT)

    • Please download the materials for your chosen squad *HERE*

    • Use the "Practice Tracks" and sheet music to learn your harmonies for the voice part that suits you the most. When you feel like you have mastered it then practice with the 'Performance Track'   When filming, please make sure to film with the Performance Track only. 

    • Singers - Pay attention to the phrasing, dynamics, and inflections of the voices on the demo, and do your best to blend with them.

    • Once you have mastered the harmony, sing along with the "Performance Track".   When you record yourself doing this, we want to hear mostly you, but also the performance track in the background as well. 

    • Beatboxers -  Listen to your "Practice Track" and practice beatboxing along with the song. Once you are ready, try beatboxing with the Performance Track. Halfway through the Performance Track the music will fade out. Make sure to keep beatboxing until the music comes back in and continue beatboxing until the end of the track. We are looking to see how well you are able to keep the tempo when the music fades.  

  4. Pitch Recognition, Scales and Range

    • Sing along with our track found *HERE* All instructions are included at the start of the recording. 

  5. Personal Statement

  • Briefly tell us why you’re interested in becoming an official Squad member.

How to submit 

  • Record your audition in a quiet room where you will not be distracted and your voice is clear. No alternations to the voice is allowed (reverb, computer affects etc)

  • You may edit the multiple sections together to make one video.

  • Please either upload directly to this audition form or upload a link to either Dropbox or YouTube making sure the video is NOT set to private as we will not be able to see it. 

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