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COVID-19 Safety Protocols

  • All rehearsals and performances will be outside.

  • We do not require students to wear masks but are encouraged to do so if it makes them feel more comfortable.



Squad Harmonix rehearsals take place outside at Clover Park in Santa Monica. The park operates on a  first come - first serve basis and therefore our exact rehearsal location can differ from week to week but will always be at the park.  We have never had a problem finding a spot to rehearse and if there are ever changes to our usual location,  all families are texted ahead of time as our teachers get there 30mins early to secure a spot and prep.

Look out for the bright pink Squad Signs  and canopy to show our location. 

If it is a cold day, please just wrap up warm.  If there is a rainy day then we will cancel rehearsal and meet online instead but so far this hasn't happened. 

Students are expected to bring the following to rehearsals:

  • Music Binder (provided by us) 

  • Sheet Music Printed (you get at sign up)

  • Bottle of water

  • Blanket / towel to sit on

  • Snack / Lunch if needed

  • Squad T-shirt / Hoodie must be worn for every rehearsal so we can easily spot you and comfy pants  as we do dance choreo and aerobic warm ups.

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