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Beginner / Intermediate

7-15 years old

Saturdays 11.30am - 2pm

Junior Audition Required



  • Junior Squad is aimed at our Beginner / Intermediate singers that want a super fun-packed singing experience while being pushed to be the best they can be.

  • Each week experience TONS of games , aerobics, music theory , voice warm ups and learn multiple songs in preperation for our upcoming Squad Semester Showcase. 

  • Students will be required to take a weekly online private harmony and music theory class to help them practice and stay on top of their studies. 

  • Private Voice lessons are not required at this level but highly encouraged to ensure students experience the full benefits of the program. 

  • Class is taught by our head Voice and Beatboxing teachers, Laura and Parker with help from our Varsity  Teachers - in- Training.

  • Although this is our easiest and most relaxed level, expectations for commitment are high. Students are expected to practice at home every week and risk being removed from the program is sufficient practice is not done.

  • This is perfect for a new student is is obsessed with singing and wants a challenging but fun introduction as to how to develop their voice, ear and musical ability.  This is also great for a returning Squadling who is working towards completing their Junior Level so they can train at Senior Level.

  • Not eligible for solos. 


  • 2.5  hours of in-person rehearsals at Clover Park in Santa Monica including 30min of Junior Music Ed  (Sight Reading and Music Theory)

  • Squad Semester Showcase (must attend required rehearsals to be eligible, see below)

  • Squad uniform t-shirt

  • All teaching materials (binder, sheet music, recordings)

  • 1 x 30min weekly private Harmony/ Music Ed combined online class 


  • Spring Semester Dates coming soon 






Intermediate / Advanced

10 - 17 years old

Saturdays 11.30am - 3pm

Video Audition Required for new students 



  • Senior Squad is aimed at our Intermediate / Advanced singers 

  • New students into the program will need to audition and returning Squadlings who have completed their Junior Level will automatically qualify into Senior Squad. 

  • This is perfect for Voice Students wanting to push their skills to the highest ability. Senior Squad students get priority over new students when auditioning for Varsity Squad as we are able to guarantee quality, education and ability to take on the work load at Varsity level if they have completed our program. 

  • The Senior Squad perform monthly in and around Los Angeles as part of their training at farmers markets and retirement homes. 

  • Seniors get to star in our semester Music Video and will also participate in our professionally released Squad Music Albums (available on all streaming platforms)

  • Seniors learn their own songs separate to Juniors and Seniors but also participate in all group songs in the end of semester showcase. 

  • Eligible for solos. 

  • Limited places available. 


  • 2 x 2  hours in-person rehearsals each week.  

  • Monthly live performances (once new songs have been learned)

  • Box Music Video

  • Complimentary Online Group Recording Classes (for new students) to teach how to set up recording equipment and record correctly to meet required standards for music video and album. 

  • Feature on  Squad Album

  • Featured in Squad Semester Showcase (must attend Required Rehearsals to be eligible, see below)

  • Squad uniform t-shirt

  • All teaching materials (binder, sheet music, recordings) 



Eligibility to be a member: 

  • Completed Junior Squad Level or approved audition. 


  • SM58 wired microphone (can be loaned from Squad Harmonix)

  • Mic Cable (can be loaned from Squad Harmonix)

  • Squad Performance Backpack and 

Music Video and Album:

  • Squad-Recommend at home - recording bundle. 

  • Squad recommended Ring Light.

  • Smart phone with a high quality camera


  • coming soon




*Video Audition Required Before Sign Up*

Please fill out the following form to submit your audition for Senior Squad

Video Requirements:

1.     Solo:                       

  • VOICE - Prepare 30s - 1 min of you singing a chorus/verse of your fav pop song. Must be a cappella  (no accompaniment or backing track).

  • BEATBOXING - Prepare 30s of freestyle beatbox solo.

2.     Range:                  


3.     Harmony:              

  • Click here for Senior Harmony Audition Tracks. 

  • Choose the harmony part you want to audition for:  Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass , VP ( Beatboxing) (If Mezzo pick either Soprano or Alto)

  • Memorize your harmony section using the practice tracks and sheet music.

  • When ready, make sure you can sing along to the All Tracks, this is the recording you will audition with.

  • Please make sure you have your harmony memorized for the audition as you will not be permitted to use sheet music during the audition.


  • Once received and reviewed  you will receive an email with our final decision.  Notification of acceptance should take no longer than three working days after submission of video.


  • If your audition is not successful this time do not worry! You will be offered a place in Junior Squad  and we will work you hard to get you ready for auditioning for the next semester knowing that that is your goal! ( we LOVE ambition and are here for you)

Sen Audition




10 - 17 years old

Saturdays 3pm - 6pm

Video & In-Person Audition Required


*All new Varsity members must have their audition accepted before signing up. See below for audition requirements*


  • Varsity is our competition and performance squad. Training is intense and requires a dedicated commitment for rehearsals, shows and personal practice. This is for singers who want to push themselves to the highest ability.  

  • This level is perfect for those with 4+  years of choir  or harmony experience behind them, who can read or follow sheet music easily and can memorize a lot of songs. This is not recommended to singers with no harmony experience.  A cappella is all about team work and the advanced ability to blend with others. 



WINTER SEMESTER: -  Professional Semester:

  • Varsity trains and prepares a 45-minute set  (15 holiday songs) to be performed for big corporate performances  Recent performances include Westfield Century City Mall (on their main center stage)  Dorothy Chandler Pavilion airing on PBS for Christmas Day,  HHLA Mall holiday showcase, San Pedro Holiday by The Sea , LA ZOO and many private bookings. 


SPRING SEMESTER: - Competition Semester

  • 2023 Spring Semester includes : Competing in Varsity Vocals High School Nationals , Performing at Carnegie Hall April 2nd  where they have been selected to be the soloists for the Deke Sharon (Pitch Perfect) show as well as filming a fully produced in- person music video (See GOLDEN music video last year)   The semester will end at the start of April to allow time for exams and finals. 

  • Harmonies are not taught in class. All Varsity members are expected to learn the entire set in their own time and be able to stick to the deadlines set forth by the teacher.

  • To be eligible to perform in the group, all harmonies and choreography must be memorized.

  • Students are expected to commit to the entire year as each member is critical to the performance. 

  • We allow 2 rehearsal absences during each semester (excluding required rehearsals) any more absences risks removal of solos and possible suspension from Varsity. Varsity is a true team and serious commitment is required. 



Full commitment to rehearsals and performances is required for each semester. 





*Video And In-Person Audition Required Before Sign Up*

Please fill out the following form to submit your video audition for Varsity Squad. If approved, you will then be invited to audition in-person before being accepted.

Video Audition  Requirements:

1.     Solo:               

  • VOICE: Prepare 30s - 1 min of you singing a chorus/verse of your fav pop song. Must be a cappella  (no accompaniment or backing track) show off your soloing skills.

  • BEATBOXING: Prepare 30s of a freestyle Beatbox Solo

2.     Range:          

3.    Harmony:      

  • Click here for Varsity Harmony Audition Tracks. 

  • Choose the harmony part you want to audition for:  Soprano, Mezzo, Alto, Tenor, Bass, VP (Beatboxing)

  • Memorize your harmony section using the practice tracks and sheet music.

  • When ready, make sure you film using  the Performance Track. 

  • Once your audition has been submitted and reviewed, you will receive an email with our decision within 3 working days. If we want to move forward,  you will be invited to schedule a final in-person audition with our Director. If your audition is not successful this time, you will be offere a place in Junior or Senior Squad.

Var Auditin



Beginner to Advanced

7-17 years old



  • This is aimed at those who do not live in Los Angeles and would still like to be part of the Squad and feature in our music videos! Currenltly online open to those live in the USA.

  • For those that sign up for Virtual Squad, you will receive a Dropbox folder containing recordings, sheet music and instructions for three of our upcoming Squad Songs for this semester.  You will record your vocals at home for both songs  and film yourself and be featured in two music videos alongside our very own Squadlings!

  • Costumes will be sent direct to your home as well as a make-up pallet. If make-up requirements are complicated then a tutorial will also be included.

  • You are expected to learn the songs in your own time and will have to meet deadlines required for submitting recordings and videos. 

  • If you don't take private lessons then we highly recommend you opt for our 6 week private lessons option with one of our Squad Teachers who will help you learn your songs, get our recordings and videos in on time and make sure you quality is up to the standard required by our producer. 


Virtual Squad  -  

  • ​$650  (no private lessons, includes two music videos, practice materials and costumes

  • Private Lesson Packages

  • Please see our Add On Packages for more information. We highly recommend the Private Voice or Beatboxing Package for this Squad and for those wanting to audition for solos you must have completed our Recording Class.